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Christmas Nativity Scene
"Death of King Herod" 

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Christmas puppet theater with spiritual poems, carols and games.

The Nativity scene is the cave where the baby Christ was born. A special puppet box was also called a nativity scene, in which puppet action was played out. This is one of the earliest folk puppet shows that have come down to us thanks to ethnographic records of the 18th-19th centuries.

This performance is shown to everyone: both adults and children. The action is accompanied by the singing of Old Believer spiritual verses and traditional poetic text.

The nativity scene was the first performance of "Dushegreev". For more than a quarter of a century, the performance has replaced several crib boxes and sets of dolls. The very first means the most beloved.


Brief scenario:

Nativity of Christ (nativity scene, Mother of God, angels).

Shepherd's joy (shepherd and sheep).

The road of the Magi to the den, the offering of gifts (the Magi, Herod, the Mother of God).

Villainous plan of Herod (Herod, soldiers).

The appearance of an angel to Joseph, the flight of Mary with the Child and Joseph to Egypt (Joseph, Mary, angel).

Lamentation of Rachel (Herod, soldiers, Rachel, angels).

Retribution to Herod for his anger (Herod, Death, hell).

Scene with a shepherd (shepherd, sheep).

The triumph of Christmas (the final exit of all the heroes with a festive carol).

The nativity scene lasts 20 minutes.

The second integral part of the Nativity scene was a cheerful performance, in which satirical notes about everyday life in the village also slipped through. This is how the short performances "The Greedy Hostess" and "The Gingerbread Story" were born.


Greedy hostess

 Fphotographs by V. Eshtokin and others 

gingerbread story

Photos by L. Groisman and others.

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