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Interview in January 2022 at the festival "Joy" (Minsk)


The Moscow folklore and puppet theater "Dushegrei" was born in 1997.

Theater artists - in the past members of various folklore groups in Moscow - took part in many ethnographic expeditions. Interest in folk culture led them to the crib theater as a form of expression of the knowledge that they received while communicating with folk performers.

The performances of the theater are based on fairy tales and folklore from various parts of Russia and other countries. The repertoire includes various folk tales: Russian, Afghan, Nivkh, fairground screen performances.

Each performance aims to immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of traditional folk life. Authentic songs and tunes on folk instruments sound in the theatrical performance: balalaika, violin, flute, hurdy-gurdy, harmonica.

Puppets 20-25 cm in size play inside a crib box or on a special stage. There are also screen performances with glove puppets. In each performance, the artists live in interactive communication with the puppets.

The duration of the theatrical action is 30-45 minutes.

The optimal number of spectators is 20-30 people. The number of spectators is determined by the live sound (the actors play without microphones) and the small size of the puppets.

The scripts of the performances were written by the group of theater artists. Usually the performance is based on several fairy tales. Authentic musical accompaniment is selected. The vertep performance is accompanied by the singing of spiritual verses. The original scenery and lighting were made by the theater artist and director Rustam Karimov.

The performance is preceded by a brief story about the rituals and folk traditions that the audience will see. After the performance, a game program is held (traditional folk games and round dances), as well as master classes in various types of arts and crafts (modelling, thread and patchwork dolls, wood painting, etc.).

Thematic holidays "Merry Christmas time" and "Farewell to Maslenitsa" are held.



Modern children get into the virtual world from birth: They spend more time alone with TV and computer than with people. They do not know how and do not know how to communicate with each other live. They don't know how to play traditional children's games. This affects their future relationship with the outside world.

Our performances and holidays make children put away their computer "toys", see the person sitting next to them, look around and learn something new about the world. Take the hand of the one standing next to you, smile, learn to dance and sing. This is a game that gently introduces a small person into a large and unfamiliar world of adults. This world should be bright and joyful!


Folklore puppet theater "Dushegrei" is:

- five funny artists,

- ten magical hands that bring dolls to life and can make folk toys and crafts,

- fifty-seven funny and sad, smart and not very, brave and not only, folk dolls,

- fifteen musical instruments,

- nine performances based on folk tales, music and songs of different peoples,

- good mood and immersion in folk traditions.

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