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Anything can happen

(based on the fairy tales of Boris Shergin and Stepan Pisakhov)

How Mind and Ingenuity Overcame Greed...

Spectators come to the village fair, in the center of which there is a fair booth-screen. The action takes place behind the screen and in front of it. Glove puppets and tantamaresques are replaced by live actors who sing ditties, dance and play the balalaika and harmonica.

A merry performance about Paramon with Dusya, a governor with a governor, a gypsy with a judge, and a miserable horse ...


"Hey gentlemen, come here!

Hello, Muscovites, provincial residents, near and far.

German doctors, English pharmacists, French, Italians

and overseas Americans.

Russian bars, Astrakhan Tatars!

Gentlemen merchants-well done, pale-faced modern girls - our respect!

The noble audience and every other riff-raff listened to this comedy

and was pleased with the performance - once again, you have the lowest respect!

Photos of Vladimir and Yulia Songs

Fair booth


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